【分享】Lumia 710 Tango 更新即將釋出

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Lumia 710 Tango更新即將釋出,OS版本為7.10.8773.98,韌體版本為1600.3030.8773.12120,將包括大家等待許久的網路共享功能。此更新檔已出現在Nokia server上。相信再過不久 台灣的捧友們就可以更新了!

Upcoming Mango Refresh Update Brings Internet Sharing For Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia is still very active in sending out updates for its Lumia Windows Phone devices. There is an another update coming to Nokia Lumia 710 devices which includes Windows Phone Mango Refresh (Tango) changes such as enhanced MMS capabilities, etc,. Also Nokia has added Internet sharing features in the upcoming update.

Along with the above changes, Nokia News app and Nokia Creative Studio apps comes pre-installed on this version of the OS. wp7.nl noted that the firmware version will be 1600.3030.8773.1212 and the OS version will be 7.10.8773.98. The update is already available in Nokia servers and it may be released to devices as updates soon.

I think the same update will come for Nokia Lumia 800 also. We have asked Nokia about this update and will update you all when we hear back. Nokia Lumia owners will be happy to hear this news!


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NOKIA真的頗用心的 加油啦!!!
NOKIA Lumia 800
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nokia Lumia 服役中~
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Nokia 魂!!!